Sault Ste Marie Free Methodist Church

    Who are We

    We are a local church family and part of the Free Methodist Church in Canada. You can find out more about our denomination here:   

    What's with the Free?

    Early Free Methodists were concerned about a number of issues in their historical setting that still have relevance today.

    Formed in the early days of the American Civil War, these supporters of the anti-slavery movement believed in equality for all, regardless of racial background. They wanted a church "free" for all to attend.

    The Methodist Church had a practice of renting seats in their churches as a way of collecting financial support from their members. Since this practice was seen as disenfranchising the poor, who could not afford the seats, Free Methodists wanted "free seats" for all, regardless of socio-economic status.

    John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, taught that all Christians could be "free from the domination of sin" in their daily lives through the renewing activity of the Holy Spirit and faithful adherence to spiritual disciplines. Free Methodists wanted to recover this expectation in their movement.

    A lively spiritual refreshing was sweeping the United States in the mid 1800s, and the Free Methodists wanted this "freedom of the Spirit" in their worship services as well.

    Finally, many members of Methodist churches were also members of secret societies that often divided their loyalties toward their Christian
    commitments. Free Methodists wanted all their members to be "free" from such binding involvements outside the fellowship of Christian believers.

    But there's so much more! Please go here ( for some really important information on how the Wesleyan theologies influence our discipleship (how we love God and others)

    Our Local Church

    As a church family there are a number of things that are really important to us. These things include:

    Our Mission: We are here to help you: Know God's love, grow in God's love and show God's love.
    Our Vision: We will become growing worshippers of God who reach out in love with Christ through means that are relevant to our world today. 

    Core Values:

    : We welcome everyone to join us in journeying towards wholeness in Jesus. This journey includes nurturing, grace, and love filled accountable relationships that are developed through our Sunday morning contemporary worship experiences, small groups, and other ministries.

    : is a conversation with God. Yes, God wants to have a conversation with you! And we love helping people experience the connection God has waiting for you through prayer.

    : is God's word to you today and we are excited to help you unpack its truth.

    : becomes our lifestyle as the presence of the Holy Spirit develops in us. A growing worshipper of God is identified as being loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle and self-controlled.

    : We love the Sault so we strive each day to love and serve those around us in our daily lives as well as through special service initiatives. We are also thrilled to care for people around our world. Our movement is particularly invested in ministry development projects in Cambodia, Ghana, Niger and Sri Lanka. 

    : is not a building or location but a people. We are a church that involves the gifts and passions of our individuals and families. Regardless of your age or stage in life we're confident you will feel at home and fit right in with us.


    1. Connectional - Because we are "catholic in spirit," we are connectional locally, nationally, globally and interdenominationally.

    2. Balanced worship - Because we are "orthodox Protestant Christians" with an appreciation for tradition, reason and experience, our worship is warm (spontaneous) but ordered (employing the Scriptures and the sacraments), balancing the holiness (transcendence) and the love (immanence) of God.

    3. A passion for evangelism - Because we are "evangelical" with a love for all people, we have a passion for evangelism. Methodists are innovative and flexible in the adaptation of evangelistic methods.

    4. A passion for Jesus that results in personal holiness - Because we love Jesus passionately, we believe in sanctification and are passionate about personal holiness. "Justification gives us the right to go to heaven while holiness alone makes us fit for heaven." (Victor Shepherd explaining Wesley.)

    5. A passion for social holiness and justice for all - Because we believe in "eschatalogical responsibility," Methodists experience anguish at ever increasing affluence (and the concomitant spiritual deterioration and unwillingness to make sacrifices for others) and are committed to actually helping as salt and light in the world.

    6. A passion to learn and to know God - Because we believe that God can be known intimately in a personal relationship, we are keen to know Him and to understand what He created and His interaction with His creation.

    7. Ministry of the laity - The clergy is respected but Methodists insist that every Christian is God's minister, gifted by the Holy Spirit to serve.

    8. Mutual accountability (small groups) - These are necessary for encouragement, correction, and edification in order that a person can make progress in spiritual maturity.