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    We meet Sundays at 10:30am. 
    753 McNabb Street, Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario

    Latest Messages


    Sunday Morning Message

    • Family Traits: Judgement Listen

      Pastor Wesley Wood - August 06, 2017

      Pastor Wes discusses how Christians are called to offer a hand and not point a finger.
    • Family Traits 3 Listen

      Wesley Wood & Laura Moss - July 02, 2017

      Salt and Light - both positive things everyone needs.. Are Christians a positive presence?  Laura Moss shares her personal testimony of how God and the church had a positive affect on her life. ENJOY!
    • Family Traits 1 Listen

      Wesley Wood - June 18, 2017

      New Series Sunday: the sermon the mount can sadly sometimes be understood as a list of rules. We believe that if you understand the sermon this way you're going to really misunderstand God.  We believe that the lsit provided in the sermon on the mount is a lost of family traits -- who God is and how God parents his family. And as much as we once said, "I'll never be like my mom/dad." We cant help it! If we submerse ourselves in our family we become like our parents.  If we submerse ourselves in God's presence we become like our heavenly Father.  We pray you’ll be encouraged and challenged by this series.
    • Red Letter Prayers Week 4: Unity Listen

      Wesley Wood - March 26, 2017

      This week Wesley explores the significant of Jesus' prayer for his future disciples.  God set aside the things that divide - will we?
    • Red Letter Prayers 3 Listen

      Wesley Wood - March 19, 2017

      *** Please note that the recording begins 4:30 minutes in. There are a couple of min's of silence *** This week Pastor Wes digs into the Red Letter Prayer of pain in the Garden.  Our bottom line today is: God might not get you out but he will always get you through.  God might not answer your prayers with something but he'll always provide you wirth someone!
    • Picture Perfect 3 Listen

      Wesley Wood - February 26, 2017

      Sorry for the Delay!!  Pastor Wes closes off our series on the picture perfect family by looking at a story in Luke 7.  Bottom Line: if we're stuck in the past, it hinders our present and eliminates the future  Enjoy
    • Picture Perfect: Resolution Listen

      Rob Hargin - February 19, 2017

      Youth leader Rob Hargin leads us through how Christians have the freedom in Christ to control our responses. We might not be able to control what is done to us but we can control what comes out of us!
    • Picture Perfect : Snapshot Listen

      Pastor Liz Down - February 12, 2017

      1st Message of our three part series - Picture Perfect
    • Grey Matter - Faith & Reason Listen

      Wesley Wood - January 08, 2017

      Week 1 of our series Grey Matter explored the relationships between faith and reason. We attempt to answer if Faith requires reason, if reason requires faith and are there times when things are somewhere in between - grey?
    • Grey Matter - Does God Exist Part 1 Listen

      Wesley Wood - January 05, 2017

      Does God Exist? Big Quesions require long answers. IN part of of this question we're looking at creation as rational evidence for believing in God. Big Bang of Random or Just to Fine to be Fluke?
    • Exiles Week 8: Elders Listen

      Wesley Wood - December 04, 2016

      We're in the midst of a great blessing that is also a tremendous opportunity! What will we do?
    • Exiles Week 7: Hope Listen

      Wesley Wood - November 27, 2016

      Merry Christmas! We write letters to Santa as children and our hope around this season certainly doesnt deminish with age. Is there a difference in our hope as Christians? Yep!
    • Exiles Week 5: Submission Listen

      Wesley Wood - November 13, 2016

      In a very hearted week in our culture how does the chuch respond? Submit. I know it's not the regular response but no one ever said The Kingdom of God was "regular."
    • Exiles Week 4 Listen

      Wesley Wood - November 06, 2016

      Bering an Exile doesnt pull you out of the world but sends to deeper into it! You've been given gifts from God to change the game but are you willing to "play." Resources S.H.A.P.E. --- visit here to download:
    • Exiles Week 3: Appetite Listen

      Wesley Wood - October 30, 2016

      We're all craving something and we all react to difficult times. Maybe there are aspects of our character that should never mature?
    • Exiles Week 2: Be Holy Listen

      Wesley Wood - October 23, 2016

      Be Holy. I know sounds daunting eh? Today we're starting to discuss what holiness is and how in the wrold we're suppose to be it.  Bottom Line: We're not holy because of what we do but because of who we are.
    • Exiles Week 1: One of these Things Listen

      Wesley Wood - October 16, 2016

      One of these things is not like the other... one of these thing just doesnt belong?  We're kicking off a new series on 1 Peter. We're asking ourselves - are we exiles? Should we be exiles?
    • Journey Week 1 Listen

      Wesley Wood - September 11, 2016

      Is your faith journey just "out for a drive" or are you determined to get to a destination? This season of our lives let's press on towards the perfection to which Christ first possessed us.
    • Summer School Part 4 Listen

      Wesley Wood - August 14, 2016

      Wake Up! It's Christmas!
    • Summer School part 3 Listen

      Wesley Wood - August 07, 2016

      The Story of King David 
    • Summer School Part 1 Listen

      Wesley Wood - July 24, 2016

      In the Beginning God created..... Note: Pastor Wesley makes mention following the message that he did not intend to say that God died for creation and or the gorilla's. His intent is that God loves both and will redeem both but only humanity was worth the sacrifice of Jesus and we're on the only ones who deeply need it also.
    • Harvest Week 4 Listen

      Wesley Wood - May 22, 2016

      We are invited to be a presence in our world. The question is what kind of presence? If your neighbours were asked if you were a lamb or a wolf what would they say? Are you a person of peace in your community?
    • Harvest Week 2 Listen

      Jared Siebert - May 08, 2016

      Jared Siebert, National Team Leader of the FMCiC overseeing our church planting intaitives visits to discuss our canadian landscape and the Wesleyan understanding of Spiritual Midwifery.
    • Harvest Week 1 Listen

      Wesley Wood - May 01, 2016

      Kicking off a new series on evangelism - how do we walk along others towards Christ?
    • Checked Baggage Listen

      Wesley Wood - April 24, 2016

      If you'ver flown it is really nice to be able to check your baggage. It's nice to be able to board and unboard without dragging our heavy items all over as we bang into people and things. There are many Christians who live thier lives with checked baggage. We enter work, school even our families with things we intentionally set aside in order for us to be able to enjoy our day or loved ones. Imagine for a moment Jesus speaking to you saying, "Come to me all who are weary and everyone who carries heavy burdens and I will give you rest." Imagine for a moment your life could be like that flight without your baggage? Imagine rest. 
    • Boots on the Ground Week 9 Listen

      Wesley Wood - February 28, 2016

      We can seriously trust everyone... can we? Pastor Wes dives into this crazy characteristic of God's love to us and through us.
    • Boots on the Ground Week 8 Listen

      Wesley Wood - February 21, 2016

      Love always forgives? Pastor Wes works through this revolutionary aspect of God's love and how it will change our lives.
    • Boots on the Ground Week 7 Listen

      Wesley Wood - February 14, 2016

      Love isnt selfish: Love is allowing another's want to trump our need. Our selfishness will always inflate our wants into needs while deflating someone's need into a want.  Christ's love is always about seeing equality among people if not taking an opporuntity to promote someone's want above ourselves.  Christians see unselfish love in action though a balanced generous lifestyle towards God, others and ourselves. We see balance specificailly in our schedules and budgets.A note from Pastor Wes:In this message I make reference to seeker senstiive churches. I want to clarify that I meant that the far left of the spectrum is a seeker DRIVEN church: A church that's 100% interested in providing for the seeker vs God. Seeker sensitive churches are those that are aware of the seeker and live in the tension of providing for them while also worshipping God. 
    • Boots on the Ground Week 6 Listen

      Wesley Wood - February 07, 2016

      Pastor Wes asks two important questions for the church today. 1. Are we Rude in the way we defend our faith? 2. Are we Rude in the way we help others mature in faith? Love isnt rude - Love is considerate.
    • Boots on the Ground week 5 Listen

      Wesley Wood - January 31, 2016

      We have a lot in common with the animal kingdom and maybe no one more than the Peacock. The question isnt are we prideful the question is just how much? Do we find our selves puffed or perma puffed?
    • Boots on the Ground Prt 4 Listen

      Wesley Wood - January 24, 2016

      We are called to be radical lovers.. and lovers do not envy. Pastor Wes shares a personal story that led to Kristin and him being envious and their God focused jounrey towards content.
    • Boots on the Ground Week 1 Listen

      Wesley Wood - January 03, 2016

      Boots on the Groud is a second aspect of our ongoing conversation about the Love of God. In this series we'l be examining 1st Corthians 13 - The Love Passage for all people in all situations towards all people in all situations. We are called be revolutionary lovers and it's time to put boots on the ground Week 1: Paul gives us a list of what love is and in doing so also tells us what love is not. Love is not a feeling as much as we might, and most certainly our culture does say. We examine the different types of love explained in ancient Greek and how they vary. We end by applying the Agape, or blind love of God to our situations and relationships. We are called to be Agape people.